Part 3: HVSS Suspension

The biggest hurdle on this build is and was always going to be the HVSS suspension. The Dragon 1/6 Sherman comes with VVSS and in the past the only one offering the parts was Panzerwerk, but he has since suspended resin castings.  After discussing with Loic over at FOA I have commissioned him to build […]

Part 2: Commander’s Cupola

One of the centre pieces on the turret is the all-around vision commander cupola. For this  I was able to get hold of the now very scarce 1/6 M4 Sherman cupola from Hoshi workshop. This is an absolute piece of art.  The main reason why I wanted this instead of the stock supplied cupola is that […]

Part 1: Turret Re-Design

For me, Furys’ turret is one of the key parts of the whole tank and I spent a lot of time researching it. Once you really study it there’s an amazing amount of detail that is very specific to Fury and I was adamant to capture and model the smallest of features as best I […]

Building Fury

First things first is deciding “which” FURY to model? The tank SHOULD be an M4A3, 76mm, HVSS with T84 tracks and oval loaders hatch on the turret. The primary filming however was done with the Bovington Tank Museum’s M4A2(76)W HVSS. The main difference between the “A2” and the “A3” is the engine. A2 had a […]

Best Model I Ever Had

Fury Sherman

Love tanks, always have. My dad was in the Army and that got me up close and personal to military hardware, but the film Fury really accelerated things for me. I’ve been modelling since a kid and remember having my Airfix Spitfires and Hurricans dangling from my bedroom ceiling. As I started earning money then […]