Part 3: HVSS Suspension

The biggest hurdle on this build is and was always going to be the HVSS suspension. The Dragon 1/6 Sherman comes with VVSS and in the past the only one offering the parts was Panzerwerk, but he has since suspended resin castings. 

After discussing with Loic over at FOA I have commissioned him to build them. It’s not going to be an easy, or cheap job as there are a lot of parts involved.

The ENTIRE tracks have to be redesigned because there are double the number road-wheels and the tracks are much wider.

The real HVSS Sherman had 23” wide tracks. The VVSS version had 16” wide tracks. The difference is 7”, which in 1/6 scale is 0.58”. That’s over 1/2” larger than the stock tracks on the Dragon Sherman.

There are two tracks types we contemplate on using; T80 chevron or T84. We’ll take a closer look at these nearer completion. 

All in all some of the things that will need to be custom built: 

  • Wider tracks with middle track guide, and double the number of pads
  • Double wheels, not single wheels like the M4A3
  • Lower hull side skirts
  • Redesigning the suspension as an horizontal action


These are going to take a little bit longer.