Building Fury

First things first is deciding “which” FURY to model? The tank SHOULD be an M4A3, 76mm, HVSS with T84 tracks and oval loaders hatch on the turret. The primary filming however was done with the Bovington Tank Museum’s M4A2(76)W HVSS. The main difference between the “A2” and the “A3” is the engine. A2 had a GM 6046 diesel engine and the A3 a Ford GAA gasoline engine.  The only real external difference is the upper engine decks and rear plates. The engine vent hatches on the A2 are a little smaller than those on the A3, but you don’t really see this in the film and from most angles they look the same.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I don’t intend on scratch building all of this, but it will be a combination of also what’s available and doing a lot of customising, modifying, and kit-bashing! 

For the Hull, I’ll be going with the Dragon 1/6 scale M4A3 as a base and convert to an A2 rear engine deck from there. I’ll probably need to change some of the rear plating on the upper hull, add the correct exhausts, and eliminate the external air filters, but I’ll look at that in more detail when I take a closer look at the Dragon kit.

The Dragon turret is of no use whatsoever. I’ll need a late T23 turret. This will probably be my starting point and more details in the next post.

As for the turret fittings such as mantlet, hatches, antenna base, storage racks etc I’ll source from various model makers such as Loic at FOA, John at ECA, and Dave at Armorpax. These guys make some amazing parts and are really nice blokes as well.

The biggest hurdle will be the HVSS suspension. The Dragon kit comes with VVSS and as per my current research it looks like no one out there currently makes HVSS in 1/6 scale. This is going to be a headache and looks like a commission build will be necessary.    

Ready? Let’s do this.