Best Model I Ever Had

Love tanks, always have. My dad was in the Army and that got me up close and personal to military hardware, but the film Fury really accelerated things for me.

I’ve been modelling since a kid and remember having my Airfix Spitfires and Hurricans dangling from my bedroom ceiling. As I started earning money then I ventured into the world of RC models, mainly cars and from there at some point I built my first tank.

I’d built many small scale and went up to 1/16, but I always dreamt of a “big one.”

My first 1/6 scale was a PAK 40/43 from Armortek, and whilst it’s one impressive model, I did have my problems with it. This was mainly due to it being metal and that’s quite a different world to plastic modelling; I just didn’t have the right tools, I didn’t have the space (you can’t really build these on the kitchen table) and I just couldn’t get metal to do quite what I wanted.

After watching Fury a zillion times I decided the Fury Sherman in 1/6 scale is it. I wasn’t going to scratch build it, but it was going to be a fully customised, screen-accurate, fully functioning replica. It was going to be the “best job, I mean, model I ever had”

So here we go and I’ll try and keep this build log updated as I go along.

Mount up, we’re moving out!